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The Discipline Of Passion is a digital painting I created as part of the #31Nights portrait challenge hosted by American Artist Michael Bell @mbellart.  In this challenge a new complete picture is created every night with a focus on portraiture. Here we see a young girl dancing by a fountain in the moonlight.  As her partner withdraws into the background we see the shadow of another emerge at her fingertips.  What I love about this picture is the wistful look on the dancer's face.  Zoom in and look around. -Laura 
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#Wonder17 Gallery

Blue Claw, Red Claw This painting was inspired by a day spent on Long Island's South Shore Crabbing with my daughters, a pastime I enjoyed when I was young.  The blue claw crab in net struggles to free himself from the tangles of line, flailing with one claw while holding onto his mate with the other.

Growing up on Long Island many lazy days were spent at the beach.  
This scene, inspired by a recent trip to the Hamptons, shows a sunbather 
distracted by the surf having her lunch stolen by a wily seagull 

I remember long days watching the waves crash against the shore,
the smell of the salt and the sea, the gulls cry and the sun
warming my check while I buried my feet in the sand.

The Ferry at Port Jefferson, NY

Oil, watercolor, ink and digital painting

Inspired by the Hampton Classic my latest exhibit will be on display at the Port Jefferson Free Library the month of March.  These regal and beautiful animals have been a part of my life since I was a young girl. I hope you enjoy the show 


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BEGIN by L. Hill

"Strange how the desolate can harness such beauty.  Still, a picture never paints what the eye truly beholds and words cannot adequately describe those facts found by the senses."

I find Fall to be a prolific time, maybe it's the change in temperature or perhaps it is something more.  My new short story, BEGIN, is published here for your pleasure.  Enjoy-Laura

Things That Go Bump In The Night by Laura Hill

Things that go bump in the night are rooted so deeply in our psyche we usually don't know why we are scared, we just are. Click here for a preview

Gallery show debut Port Jefferson Free Library October 1, 2016.  Things That Go Bump In The Night, Multi Media, digital arts.

The Celebrity Gallery

Celebrity Gallery

These celebrity inspired paintings based on the classic stories of Lady Godiva, The Temptation of the Serpent, King Midas, Artemis and The Stag as well as original pieces were done over four weeks while I had surgeries to remove cancer.  That's motivation.

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Celebrity Gallery, a collection of Classic Story Illustrations Multi media, digital arts.

The Great Story World Mix-Up by Laura Hill, Ava Timpanaro, Kayla Timpanaro

"Can I do it this time Jilly?" Jilly grabbed her sister's hand. "We'll do it together on the count of three. One, two, three, hi-yah!"

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Sailing the candy sea in the Great Candy Land Caper, watercolor, digital arts.www.gswmu.com

Not Afraid Of Anything, written and illustrated by Laura Hill

"On a moonlit night a boy left his room his name was Johnny and he wasn't afraid of anything."

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Becoming something you are not in Not Afraid Of Anything, pencil on paper.

The White Rabbit's Watch, illustration by Laura Hill

Installation Down The Rabbit Hole, watercolor on paper.

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Hear No Evil

Hear No Evil, 
See No Evil, 
Speak No Evil.

Art Installation.
Acrylic on stone

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Rain In Paris

Le prix d'Amour, c'est seulement Amour.  The price of love, is only love.

Ink on paper

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The Waking Of The Flowers

"Are you sure that we are awake?  It seems to me That yet we sleep, we dream." 

William Shakespear, 

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Ink on paper

Narwal At Night In NYC

Narwhal At Night In NYC, Acrylics and collage. Personal Project.

Narwhal In NYC Picture Book

Narwhal In NYC, acrylic on bristol.
This is an illustration for a new book I am dreaming up, right now.

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