Winter Wonderland

Hot cocao, snow, caroling, cookies by a warm fire; memories of the past and hopes for the future are the underlying themes behind my Winter Wonderland series showing this December at Middle Country Library and Museum in New York.  The images are culled from my memories of growing up in New York where snow towered over your head and fast ride on a flexible flyer was a staple for fun.    My hope is that these images help you remember how you used to have fun, as a child with eyes full of wonder and almost reckless abandon.  Dreams made from hope, realities cultivated through love, kindness and God's blessings are my wishes for you and your loved ones this holiday season and throughout the year.

Freshly packed snow a hat and scarf are a recipe for fun on a snowy day.

Skaters link arms and glide across a frozen lake while sledders whoosh by on flexible flyers.
There was always the chance of a surprise snowball fight waiting around the corner.

St. Nicholas' kindness and charity fuel dreams and hopes for a bright and shiny future.

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