The Great Story World Mix-Up, by Laura Hill, Ava Timpanaro, Kayla Timpanaro

"Can I do it this time Jilly?" Jilly grabbed her sister's hand. "We'll do it together on the count of three. One, two, three, hi-yah!"

When a magic door opens in the wall of an old library sisters Penelope and Jilly discover a world where stories come to life. It is full of beauty and excitement yet danger lurks in every corner.  When the sisters break the globe of Story World into a million puzzle pieces they mix-up all the stories ever created.  By using science and believing in magic they can undo the damage but there's no time to waste! An evil wizard is hot on their tail and determined to keep Story World mixed-up forever!

My favorite thing about the Great Story World Mix-Up early reader series and companion books is that I write them with my daughters but beyond that it's the blending of science and magic, two of my favorite subjects. Our heroines use their knowledge and skills to fix the messes they've created whether traveling down the Minotaur's maze led by Sherlock Holmes or rescuing Amelia Earhart from dinosaur times.  Add a changeling guide dog with a curly tail and a flame snorting dragon and you're ready for high adventure!

To illustrate the series, we incorporate a thematic use of puzzle pieces with watercolor, photographic imagery and graphic design creating eye catching images that have inspired students to send their own illustrations cut into puzzles!

 Co-written and self published with my school age daughters who bring life and relevance to our themes and characters,  The Great Story World Mix-Up has toured US schools inspiring children to use what they've got and get their ideas into the world.

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See if you can put Story World back together. To test your puzzling skills, click the picture. You can make the puzzle harder or easier by selecting change cut.  

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