Not Afraid Of Anything

"On a moonlit night a boy left his room his name was Johnny and he wasn't afraid of anything."

When Johnny investigates who, or what, is sneaking around his chicken coop, he gets the surprise of his life, arh-woooo, a werewolf!  But Johnny is not afraid of anything.  With a rock he chases the werewolf away but not before being scratched by it's steely claws. By the full moon tomorrow Johnny will be a werewolf too! Faced with a change he does not want Johnny listens to the advice of a withered gypsy who gives him the tools he will need to survive. Johnny is not afraid, even if it means breaking his mother's rules.  He finds out things are not always what they seem and that breaking the rules can have disastrous results in this 900 word picture book, Not Afraid Of Anything.

In illustrating Not Afraid Of Anything I returned to one of my favorite mediums, pencil! I remember using my trusty #2 to cover the margins of my notebooks as a child.  I love the depth created by elegant lines, jagged shading and the room it leaves for young imaginations to fill in the blanks.  

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