Celebrity Gallery

Celebrities and power brokers have always played a starring roll in art gracing canvasses from the Renaissance to today.  In my celebrity gallery you'll see some of today's hottest stars taking on mega-retro roles in the world's greatest moments.  See if you can figure them out, the answers to all your questions are at the bottom when you've had enough.







The Key
1. Katy Perry as Lady Godiva riding her horse through a small English village in order to force her husband to lower taxes.  The original "peeping Tom" looks on while the guards, blindfolded so as not to see their Lady naked, stumble on ahead.

2. Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco and wife Sarah star as Adam and Eve, every day was a party until the snake came along.

3. Jay Z as the incomparable King Midas, whispering reeds, Grammys and all.

4. Singer Pink in the story of Artemis and the Stag in which the goddess turns a hunter's dogs on him when he catches a glimpse of her bathing.

5. The last flower in Eden, my daughter says the man in the background is Gerard Way during his Black Parade period-I love his music so that works for me!

6. The unknown artist, you'll just have to wonder...

All these pictures were done during a three month period when I had cancer removed from my nose and back in three operations and a total of eleven cuts.  Happily I'm almost pieced back together and looking really good, surprisingly.  So cut me some slack and have fun, you never know where you might end up.

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